Social Responsibility

At Market Demand Fruits, we recognize the invaluable contributions of every role player in bringing our premium South African fruit from farm to retail shelves all over the world. Our commitment to social responsibility is paramount, and we deeply value the dedication and hard work of the farm workers. They are the backbone of our operation, and we prioritize their well-being and fair treatment. Upholding ethical standards, we ensure that every individual in our supply chain is valued and respected, reflecting our unwavering commitment to integrity and inclusivity.

We’re proud to partner with Call 2 Care to drive our social responsibility initiatives, enhancing our impact and creating meaningful change within our communities.

Call 2 Care is a non-profit organisation located in Cape Town that improves lives through educational outreach projects and socially conscious volunteer events while offering a sustainable end-to-end offering to corporates, the government, and the general public. Holistic community development is the essence of what we do, creating avenues for giving back and volunteering to transform communities from within to leave a sustainable difference. Call 2 Care is also a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) with SARS (South Africa Revenue Service).