Corporate social responsibility

With family being at the core of Market Demand Fruits strategy, we do not see our corporate social responsibility strategy as just another marketing gimmick. We see our contribution to a healthy community as our responsibility and privilege, as caring for a family should be.

Market Demand Fruits is proud to be a partner in establishing amongst others, a clinic, early childhood development centres, aftercare, needlework training, children play areas and computer centres where the CAMI Maths programme is used to assist children on the farms and in the community with Mathematics skills.

The Focus over the past few years has mainly been on the basic care and educational aspect of the workers and their children. Health care and education remains a challenge for the community. In partnership with the Waitrose foundation, farm owners and Market Demand Fruits have established sustainable projects on the farms to target and solve these challenges.

Frankenhof Day Care Centre

Nuut-Begin Day Care Centre

Waitrose Foundation Thornlands And Market Demand Fruits

Dasdrif Creche and Computer Centre